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    *Kristee* Guest

    Red face How Far

    Hey girls,
    was just wondering how many dpo you were before you got a ????
    As ff is saying i have a high chance and have a triphasic (sp?) pattern which could be implantation but i did a test this morning and got a BFN.
    So i guess i am just grasping at straws....and AF is due on Saturday.


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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Hi Kristee - I used FF for a month or so and just knew that what it was telling me wasn't right IYKWIM? It was telling me that I ovulated on Day 18! So i started using Ovunow Predictors and found that I ovulated on Day 12! I tested on DPO 9 and got the feintest of feint lines, they just kept getting darker as the days went on...

    Good Luck and remember your body knows best!

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    I tested on 10DPO and got a really feint test line. I think it was the day after or the day I was expecting to get AF.

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    I first tested 9dpo and got a faint positive then...the results kept getting stronger after that

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    I did a test at 11 dpo(sat) and got -ve but got a BFP on 15dpo(tues) ff had told me to test the following sat .. Good luck maybe leave it a few days and wait and see..

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    I had triphasic patterns every single cycle and found that I would get my hopes up if I paid too much attention to FF. When I spoke to my new FS he told me to throw away charts and go by the OPKs and cervical signs alone.

    Im hoping though that you have had success!

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