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Thread: How long after provera?

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    Default How long after provera?

    How long after my last provera tablet can I expect AF to arrive?

    I'm just wondering as my temperature this morning after not having had one since yesterday morning was way higher than I expected, even after taking painkillers last night which usually result in a low temperature the next morning.

    I want to know whether I can expect AF in a few days, or a week, or what?


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    I think I was told approx 7-10 days after taking it. But it only took me 6 days. Perhaps everyone is different?

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    Thanks, Belinda.

    I guess my vague hope that AF may arrive in time for me to get at least some of my first clomid course taken is completely unfounded... and more likely that AF is going to arrive just as I go back to work next week.


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    The first DR that prescribed it for me told me to expect AF 2 days after I finished the course of provera ... the first time it took 7 days, and the second time 10 days.

    I think 7-10 days is probably a more realistic estimate

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    Hi BW,
    I got AF exactly two weeks from the day I took my first Provera tablet.

    Hang in there petal AF is going just around the corner so you can start Clomid.

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    BW, if you are worried about clomid side effects while at work, I would strongly suggest taking your clomid at night, just before you go to bed.

    I haven't had bad side effects as such, a few headaches and an emotional meltdown mid cycle last month when i was taking them in the middle of the day. This month has been much better (taking them before bed).

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    I was planning on taking it at night, anyway... But with work putting the pressure on with regards to performance, there's just that little bit extra stress regarding it. I'm almost tempted to continue with acupuncture this term and start clomid in the Christmas break... but I know I'll regret not starting it sooner if I do. I'm prescribed it for days 5-9, but I'll bump it to 2-6 if most of that time will fit into the holiday period.

    Dan, two weeks from the first tablet would have put it at 4 days after finishing? It seems that would be about the earliest I can expect!


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