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Thread: How long do you have to wait after D&C

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    nikilove Guest

    Default How long do you have to wait after D&C

    I had a miscarriage Janurary 3, 2007 I had a D&C Feburary 27, 2007 I was bleeding four days after that which ended March 4, 2007. How long do I have to wait to start trying I know my hcg level is down to zero because I did a pregnancy test today just to see if it was going to be negative. My doctor want me to come in tomorrow for lab to see if my hcg level has dropped. I'm not bleeding but when should I expect my period? If I decide to have intercourse now without protection will I get pregnant?
    I am so confused my doctor is telling me to wait until June but I want to start now.

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    *Kristee* Guest



    I think it varies from person to person when i had my latest d&c done i was told i should wait until my next real period before trying again. There have been people that have gotten pregnant straight after a d&c have been fine.
    As i don't know your circustances i can't say, as their could be some other things going on as to why your doc said to wait.
    Thats just my opinion there are plenty of girls out there that have been through this and will also have more advice and support as well.
    I would also ask your doc why he wants you to wait that long.

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    nikilove Guest


    thanks Kristee this has helped me a lot and I asked him and his advice was so I would be emotional ready. I am going to do what I feel is right for me and try again.

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    TibbyTyler Guest


    Hey, I had a DandC on February 15th 2007. My doctor told me to wait 3 months until trying to conceive. However, I researched on the internet (as my hubby is deploying the end of May) and one regular cycle seems to be a good time to wait.

    I have continued my prenatals and calcium supplements (I'm lactose intolerant) since the day I was told my pregnancy was no longer viable. I feel good and nonstressed. My doctor also gave me birth control the day of my DandC. I started them then following Sunday and got my period exactly when I should have. I am now still on it but plan on trying to conceive when I stop.

    I am really interested to see others respond as this is a hot topic for me at this time.

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