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Thread: How long is 'normal'?

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    Marcia Guest

    Default How long is 'normal'?

    Well, I know this has been asked before, but the link isn't working yet so I have decided I really need some advice on this one.

    I am on my first cycle after coming off of the pill and am currently on day 70, having had no period so far except for the standard withdrawral bleed a couple of days after I stopped taking it. I'm almost certain I have not even ovulated yet (have been checking CM), and I know I am not pregnant as I've done a crazy number of HPT since day 28 LOL. When I stopped taking the pill last time (Before I concieved no. 1) My periods returned to normal straight away, so I really just assumed this would be the case this time around. What I'm wondering is how long I should be waiting for a period before I should visit my GP? I'm really beginning to worry that something is wrong. I'd love to know how long others took to get a first period after coming off the pill?

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    My GP was worried when I got to 6 weeks, surprised when I got to 8 weeks and simply astounded when I got to 11!

    You've gone 10 weeks without AF, definitely worth starting the ball rolling and getting things looked at. You may find a GP isn't too bothered and will tell you to just wait, but ask for a referral to a gynecologist anyway. Specialists are usually much more willing to look into the reasons behind it.


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    I second what Butterfly says. Get yourself a gyno referral, just to make sure all is ok. They may be able to give you something to bring AF on (so Ive heard),,. Good Luck!

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    Having just taken NHS advice for this, I can tell you that if you've just come off the Pill no-one is really worried: it can take 4 months before you have another period. If you have very, very long cycles quite a while later, or they become regular and then start to get irregular, then you may be sent for a blood test, but if that's normal then there's nothing they can do. Unless I was just worried about cycle length, then they'd put me back on the Pill, but if I didn't want that then nothing.

    My homeopath put me on Agnus Castii to help get my cycles back to normal, I started that on Wednesday and hope it kicks in soon! I really hope you can get something to help you, Marcia!

    !'m at cd56 and counting, my post-Pill cycles were 32, 43, 44, 38, 42, 45 and 55 days.

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    Marcia Guest


    Thanks for your input girls. I really appreciate it. I think I will wait it out another week or two and if I'm still counting I will go see my Dr. I'm just so surprised as I didn't have any probs like this when TTC my first, so I guess I expected to be on my third try at catching the egg by now, not just waiting for there to be one LOL!

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