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Thread: How many DPO till you got a blood test???

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    Default How many DPO till you got a blood test???

    Not sure wheather this should go in here, or in the pregnancy sections?

    Just wondering if you did suspect you were pregnant, how long did you wait to go to the dr to get your pregnancy confirmed???

    I really want to go now but dont want to look like an idiot going so early, lol.

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    im going today and im cd 30. About 14dpo

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    ooohhh goodluck danni!!! fingers crossed its a BFP!

    let us know how you go.

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    Dolphin, I just posted in the 1-6 month thread, but I thought I'd post here too. I went to the doc right on four weeks - 14DPO after getting a +ive HPT at 12DPO. He didn't do a blood test though, just another urine one and got a positive so was happy with that.

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    i got a very feint +ve at CD 23, and another much stronger one a couple of days later.
    Since I STILL didn't beleive I was pg I did another 2 before I went to my GP, who laughed at me and sent me off for the normal swag of BT, rubella immunity etc.

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    the majority of drs here say a week wait for results...OMG...i dont think i can wait another week for confirmation.

    ok i admit, i am very impatient!!!

    the best i got was 3 day wait so might see that dr this arvo.

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    Hello, - congrats on BFP! - With my last pregnancy, I saw the doctor about a week after AF due (ie CD 35) and he happily did a blood test since I'd had an earlier early MC. I understand a very early blood test can give an indication of how many days since implantation (good if you're not sure which cycle you conceived in) but the big medical confirmation happens after 6 weeks (ie 4 weeks after O) and requires an internal examination (can't remember what it's called, some purple mark or something they look for - DH still hasn't dragged my box of books out from under the spidery house!!! otherwise I would look it up for you).

    You'll get your fair share of needles and blood drawing over the next few months, depends how early you want all that to start!!!LOL

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