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Thread: How many have had BFP after late cycle 'O' ?

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    Default How many have had BFP after late cycle 'O' ?

    How many ladies ovulate later in their cycle and how many have had bfp's?

    I have long cycles and got the darkest line on opk at CD 23 this time. Is it still possible to achieve pg at such a late 'O'?

    Hope I'm making sense, as it's late!!

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    richdi40 Guest


    It is definately possible to achieve a pg'y with late O'ion. I dont usually O late, but my DD who has just celebrated her 21st b'day, suffers from PCOS and found out in Oct that she was pg and is currently 16 weeks along .

    Goodluck to u and I hope u catch that egg.

    Babydust coming ur way.

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    With my first, I was not temping, and had no clue about how my cycle went. I got a BFP around day 35. With my second, I ovulated around day 30 or 35 (I can't remember - it's been almost 2 years!) and got a BFP about day 45. I usually O late, and I did conceive that way, so it is possible. But we are not particularly fertile people, it seems, because we have been married for 5 and a half years and have had two pregnancies, without ever using birth control. I don't know if that is because of me, or DH, or both of us. There is some research that says that "older" eggs are not as likely to progress to a successful pregnancy, but I don't know if that is true or not.
    Anyways, it is possible, and my beautiful little girl is proof of that. She just turned one. :biggrin:
    All the best!

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    It certainly is! I have longish cycles and don't O until at least CD22. Both times I've fallen pg i've O'd around CD23, so it's not been a drama for me! I think the length of your LP is more important.

    Good luck with getting your !

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    It certainly is as long as you have dtd around the time you o all will be a ok!!!!! I oed at day 17 with a 33 day cycle when i got my BFP but my other cycles had been 42/35 days so i would have oed later those months... I found temping the best way to know when i was oing as each month it seems to be different... Good luck..

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    As long as your luteal phase is long enough (the length of time from when you O until you get AF) it doesn't really matter how "late" you ovulate. You just need to have an LP of longer than about 10 days.
    I usually O on day 17 or 18 of my cycle, never had a problem getting pregnant.

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    clare076 Guest


    Yep, I ovulated CD 23 with Max and CD20 this pregnancy. It doesn't really come down to when you ovulate, as long as your bding timing is right and you have a long enough luteal phase.

    All the best

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    Thanks ladies,

    Looks like we'll have to stick to the 'every 2nd day' BD'ing routine!! Unless I start charting.

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