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    suze375 Guest

    Default How soon....

    .....after implantation might you feel the need to pee constantly?

    I'm roughly about 6 DPO I but have visited the loo a lot more often than normal today and I haven't even had that much to drink. Even when I have just been, within about 5 mins I feel I need to go again

    Thanks for your help.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Suze

    I had a definite need to pee alot more quite soon after ovulation SOunds good hun!Goodluck!

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    I think its different for everyone.

    I didn't find this happened until well into my pg, but for a friend of mine, it was how she found out she was pg, both times, so very early for her.

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    I think it started for me around @ 7dpo. It is defintiley sounding very promising for you, good luck.

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    suze375 Guest


    Had the same thing today...... [-o<

    So much for me stopping thinking about things, stopping temping etc and just letting nature takes course!!

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