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Thread: How soon will I start noticing symptoms

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    Default How soon will I start noticing symptoms

    Hi All

    Am looking for a llittle guidance. Have been using confirm opk's over the last 2 weeks and from sunday through til today noticed that it was green lighting me. After a couple of BD's over the past couple of days am wandering how long it will take before I know anything UNUSUAL (As kath and kim would say!!!!) I realise that everyone is different but would love to know your stories if possible.



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    I know heaps of women who get symptoms early, but I'm one who only ever got the sore boobs/nausea/tiredness etc from about the 6th week, long after I already found out I was pg.

    I am the person who reassures the woman who has no symptoms prior to AF that it doesn't mean it's all over! Lol!


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    flutterbye Guest


    Thanks Sushee. I am due for AF at the start of next week (Late O'er) so will have to play the waiting gaime for a while.


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    All depends really. If you are like me, every twinge is either AF or pregnancy because I scrutinize every nudge!

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    Hi Kim,
    Just an aside if you got a positive today DTD again tonight if you can. Remembering that a positive OPK indicates that you will ovulate within 12-48 hours from when you get a positive...

    I am like Sushee I don't get any symptoms until I am about 6 weeks along. With my last pregnancy I 'think' I got tingly bb's early on but I am not sure if that was just the power of suggestion!

    I don't get a lot of M/S at all - just a wee bit of queasiness on and off and I think because I have had multiple pregnancies and B/F all of my babies for at least 2 years each that may be why I don't get a lot of breast symptoms. I read of some of the women in here who get lots of symptoms and I always feel like I am a bit odd but there are lots of us who don't get the text book symptoms.

    So, in answer no symptoms probably means nothing at all! Did you know there is a new test you can by on line that measures 10miu of HCG, so potentially you can detect pregnancy even earlier. I used one last week to see if I had any HCG left over after the loss of my baby. It was negative so that was good.

    I wish you lots of luck and look forward to hearing good news from you soon!
    Love and baby blessings,

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    Please check out this thread.

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