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Thread: Hy-Co-Sy....

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    tinka Guest

    Default Hy-Co-Sy....

    I am booked in for one next week on Day 11..
    Have any of you had this before?
    Can you give me an idea about what happens??

    I am a little nervous...

    Tink x

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    Is this a hysterescopy??? I am not familiar with the term Hy Co Sal sorry!

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    tinka Guest


    On my form it is called:
    Hysterosalpingo contrast sonography
    (Hy-Co-Sy) - tubal parency assessment !!

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    Ah.. so it's an ultrasound?

    I don't know much about it, but ultrasounds are generally pretty painless. What part are you nervous about?

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    Hi Tinka,

    try Not to Stress...this one is a piece of cake. Basically wot they do is push some contrast dye into your uterus and up into your fallopian tubes whilst watching through the ultrasound........they are looking for any blockages in the fallopian tubes. It is a tad uncomfortable in having something shoved up your whatsit but nothing major...just lie back and think of england as they used to say!!

    Good Luck

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    Hi Tinka,

    I’ve had a Hy-Co-Sy and agree with Mel’s description.

    I was advised to take some painkillers a couple of hours beforehand (which I did) and I didn’t find the procedure itself painful. I was told I might experience some shoulder pain afterwards and I did (about 1-2 hours later) – it wasn’t too terrible and apparently this isn’t uncommon and is due to bubbles in the contrast agent (bubbly water) accumulating there.

    I was really nervous – I remember having clammy hands in the waiting room – but it actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I hope your experience is similar…The staff told me that everyone is nervous, and I reckon that would be true! Good luck! :luck:

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