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Thread: HyCoSy or HSG

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    Default HyCoSy or HSG

    Has anyone had either of these tests done and how did it affect your cycle? Did you O early or late?? Did AF come early or late?? I'm wondering if everything should run as normal this month??

    I've just had a HyCoSy done and my God it hurt!!!! and my tubes weren't blocked. I had heard that it could hurt if there is a problem. I wasn't expecting such pain, I thought it would just be uncomfortable. I think I almost fainted from the pain...but it's done now, and hopefully it will help our chances of falling pregnant this month.


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    i had a levovist ( i think it's the same thing) no blockages either- it was painful too - the dye cause a false AF and i shed my lining but no oovulation.

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