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    hi all, i've been starting to try for my first baby and i recently found out i have an over active thyroid. my GP recommend i stop trying until it is sorted and i am waiting to get into a specialist for further information. in the mean time i was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation and has any advice???

    i have been told an unstable thyroid and cause birth defects however research on the internet says it is possible to have a healthy baby. i also read a lot of women find out they have thyroid problems when they are already pregnant...

    anything you know would be great!!

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    Im hearing you"!!!! I went to to the docs over 3 years ago when we wanted to start a family and had some tests done and it came back that my thyroid was quite overactive. My doc said the same so we stopped waited 4 months to see a specialist but my levels went back to normal the only thing was my thyroid antibodies were really high. This indicates an auto immune disease either hashimotos or graves. Basically it means the body is attacking the thyroid . My doc said I should be on aspirin because some times these antibodies can cause other antibodies to form that make it hard to conceive. I ended up changing ivf clinics because the doctors there wouldnt acknowledge this as a possible problem so I went to see an reproductive immunologist and did a fresh cycle and WHAM Im now 6 weeks pregnant. Im on clexaine to help the uterus remain a healthy environment. Some doctors arent embracing this theory but I wish they did because I havent been able to fall pregnant till now.... Good luck with your ttc journey and ask them to test your antibodies. Oh and I was told the same same thing an overactive thyroid in pregnancy may cause growth retardation and underactive can cause the baby to be "Slow" as my doctor so politley called it....

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