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    Default I am new to this...

    My name is Erin and I am from Vancouver, BC Canada. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for approx. 6 months with no luck...does anybody have any tips or suggestions? Has any one heard of using egg whites as a lubricant to help you concieve? If so, please tell me if it worked....
    I am really just looking for someone to e-mail or talk to for support.

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    Bambi Guest


    Hi Erin...
    Come and join us in the TTC Buddies thread. There is a 6months + section, Were we all talk and support each other.
    Its very lovely.

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    Hi Erin, welcome to BB. There is a sticky here about using egg white.
    Good Luck with your TTC journey. i hope its not too long before you get your BPF.

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    Hi Erin,
    Defaintly join the thread mentioned. Its great for support help and a little venting at time when AF arrives.
    We are TTC and no one knows because we thought that would be one less pressure added to the situation. So here is a good place to chat, and talk.
    A lot of us, seem to have friends that can get pregnant at the drop off a hat, lucky things.

    Would love to chat with you

    Summer O

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