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    for all the locals who live in gippsland or Melbourne area, just wondering if you got advice for my husband and I? We have been trying for god knows how long. we just want to know who is a good doctor, who can get us onto fertility drugs quickly? And also who could recommend a doctor or gyno around our area thats good, that doesnt just get us to do test? The last gynno we had all she did was have us do unnecessary tests and we got nowhere, we just need some help so if there's anyone whos got advice of where to start etc we'd greatly appreciate it thanks! oh and I have had a HSG done and that came up fine. Also Hubby was wondering if theres any meds that he could take to increase sperm count? By the way if this is confusing you all let me know :P LOL

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    probably best to go on the ob recommended thread... for gyno's etc..

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