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Thread: I really need advise for friend

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    hi guys i have a friend who is 36 yrs old and she had a 7yr old boy and she is trying to get pregnant and she was pregs the same time as me but she m/c and she went to doctor (not obyn) and he did a internal and he said she has a torn cervix and she cant get preg or at least stay pregs i have told her to go to ob yn to see her options but i guess i have had such good advice on here so just asking for you guys to respond with some ideas. Oh and i also have another question about her. Her hubby is on steriods due to illness since dec 05 will that make him infertile while he is on these, she is getting quite depressed about it all but i told her about the steriods and maybe that has is making it hard to get preg she had not thought of that any advice will be great thanks>

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    I don't know if I'm saying something completely off the mark, but I've heard of people having a stitch put in their cervix? I don't know if anyone else has some better idea of this, but maybe that's an option.

    I wouldalso recommend to your friend that she seeks a second opinion.

    Good luck!

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    Im not 100% sure on this but have been told by another person that they can use a laser of some sort to seal up tears and weak cervixes.

    The steroids would definitely have a major impact.

    Hope it all works out for her soon....

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    Your friend needs to talk to a obst\gyn that deals with cervical complications (I found mine by asking obst who they send there cases that are too complexed to deal with) there are many different procedures from lazer to abdominal cervical sutures that they can put in place. This is a thing to be done before she falls pregnant again well not the stitch but to be examined for it. I wish her all the best

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