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Thread: I was wondering how much of a gap to have in between Jett and #2??

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    Default I was wondering how much of a gap to have in between Jett and #2??

    I am not sure if this is in the right place but I just have a few questions that I need some advice on.
    We are thinking that it may be time so to try for #2 but I was wondering how much of a gap to have in between Jett and #2.
    As we are both only 27 we have a bit of time but I really wanted to have 2 by the time I was 30.
    I was thinking of starting when Jett is 3 which will be next December 08 and am just wondering if anyone has a gap of 4 years??
    If so was it right for you??

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    Hi Dani - With my older 2 girls there is an 18month gap, and now a 4 year gap between the middle one and bubs. Both the older girls are a great help to me and just love having a baby sister. (constantly telling me how glad they are that we have a baby) I do love the short age gap between the oldest, as they are such great friends. If we were going for number 4 (which i don't think will be happening) i would try for the small age gap again, so Hannah has a play mate.

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    I honestly think you should jump on that horse today and ride away on a beautiful pregnancy. Jett is a independant little man who in 9 months time would be at 2.5 - 3ish what a great gap. Any later than this you are going to forget how to do it all lol. And all your friends will of had there 2 quota and you will be waiting and when we are all out at the pub dancing away you will be all puffy and whinging how big you are.
    Just kidding chick but did you drop the bunnies off? See I needed to post something to ask that rofl . Nick wont answer the phone grwlllll

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    I have loved my huge age gaps but in reality from watching friends I have noticed that 3 or 4 years gap is really good.

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    my sister has 4 year gap between her oldest and 23mths between #2 and #3 will have a 28mth gap between #3 and #4

    I am sure she said it was easy with #2 and #3 gap wise than with #1 and #2

    but in the long run its what is best for you

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