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Thread: I'm baaack!

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    Default I'm baaack!

    Well probably no one would remember me here now but I was around here when TTC#1 and i kinda dropped off when he was about 6mo. My beautiful beautiful boy is now nearly 18mo - can't believe it!! Amazing! It took us 8m to concieve Evan, and we finally did on the first cycle of 100mg clomid.

    We are now TTC #2 and am on the 4th cycle of clomid, getting a little disheartened because i imagined it would happen on the first clomid cycle again. I am o'ing, just don't know why its not happening:mad: I am BFing, don't know if that has anything to do with it, but as i said I am O'ing, so it shouldn't. Who knows!

    I'm on day 26 today - usually have a 30 day cycle on clomid so I'll do a HPT on xmas day if AF doesn't arrive before then.

    I seem to always come up with pg symtoms every cycle!! But the past week my BBs have been really tender when BFing. I'm hoping thats a good sign but not wanting to get my hopes up again!


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    HI LG and welcome back. All the best for your ttc journey.

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