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Thread: I'm new to this

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    Question I'm new to this

    Hi, I'm newly married. My husband and I are both wanting to try for a family immediately.
    Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do at this early stage?

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    Start taking pregnancy vitamins....folic is the most important bit. Other then that when DH and i were trying we just DTD when we felt the need and let nature take it course.

    Perhaps have a GP check up to make sure your all healthy and right to go!!

    Goodluck TTC!!!

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    congrats on your recent marriage and its a very excited time so enjoy it.
    now you asked for some advice on pg so ... its very important to ensure you have good folate levels when ttc so you need to be taking a pg supp. I have taken elevit during both my pgs (recommended by GP & OB) so I would take this, esp as its clinically proven to recduce spina bifida and other birth defects plus is has iron and calcium and a mass of other essentials - have a look on their website which you can find via google for further info on it.
    I also recommended eating and sleeping well but getting in some good exercise too eg swimming, walking, cycling, pilates or whatever your thing is as this helps keep healthy and stress levels down as you have an outlet.
    Also, be sure to enjoy yourselves as this really is a special time for you and DH.
    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress

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    Kimbaz and Ej_1974

    You both forgot to tell Charlotte the most important thing (well, maybe not the most important but it is up there with the others) and that is to join us in the TTC 1-6 month thread!!!!

    You will find HEAPS of great gals with loads of advice and support and we have a great time! Hope to see you in there shortly.


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    Wink find out when you ovulate

    You might also want to find out if and when you ovulate as this will surely help you with ttc.
    There are many ways to do this:
    BBT- chart your basal body temerature
    OPK- OVULATION PREDICTOR KITS- these can be bought of the internet very cheap, they are just like home preg tests but they show you fertile days.
    CM- chart your curvical mucus, this changecs through out your cyle and can indicate your fertile day.
    MB- you can aslo check when you are fertile days by useing a maybe baby/ladyq or something similar to check your saliva. These are small microscopes which you put a small amount of saliva on, wait for it to dry and then check, if it s ferny you are fertile it its dotty then you are not fertile at that time. very easy to use and all these thins come with full instruction.

    Other than that all i can suggest is that i take folic acid and mulit vits, hubby takes selenium and zinc with all the multi vits.
    And most of all enjoy doing the baby dance a smuch as you can..
    good luck hunny
    keep us all posted......
    ps i would suggest you heck out fertilityfriend . com they are doing a free course with every member (free membership) this explains everything to you, and may be good for you if you are just starting to ttc.
    hope it helps

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    Thanks for all you advice. I will let you know how it all goes.

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