thread: Implanon removed after 5 long years

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    Jayda Guest

    Implanon removed after 5 long years

    Hi all, I'm new to this site, and I'm really excited to become part of it, as we have decide to TTC!!!!!
    My hubby and I have two children that were conceived without any trying at all, although we love them DEARLY!!!!!!!
    After 5 years on Implanon and 6 months of deciding(and wanting so badly) we have decided to add to our family...
    This is the first time we are setting out to deliberatley try for a bub, and I'm getting implanon out tomorrow, I'm just really anxious about how long it will take because I have been using contraception for 5 years.
    Anyone out there been in the same situation???????
    Thanks so much, you'll be hearing from me in the future!!!!

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    Apr 2009

    No I haven't personally but I have had friends have the implanon out after several years. Most fell pregnant within a few months of having it out and one still not pregnant after 3yrs but she has being diagnosed with PCOS. I think like most contreceptions it doesn't take long to get out of your system. Hope you concieve soon.