thread: Implantation Bleed (info, please!)

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    Implantation Bleed (info, please!)

    Does anyone know where I can find some info on implantation bleeding? Or can anyone tell me (assuming your pg):

    * How many DPO do you notice it?
    * Is it noticable on your underwear or just when you wipe (sorry if TMI!)
    * Would you only see it, say, once when going to the toilet or would it hang around for a day or more?
    * How much is there? Just a few small spots or is it fairly noticeable?
    * IF you notice it, how soon after that should you test?

    My cycle is all over the place at the moment so I don't really know what's going on. I'm trying really hard not to over-analyse everything but... well, you know how it is! 8-[


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    Hi Charleygirl

    I can only give you advice as to how things have happened for me!

    When ttc my daughter Cairenn I had no idea what was happening with my cycle - it was all over the place and it was only when the doctor did a heap blood tests in preparation for referral to a fertility specialist that I found out I was pregnant!! I had some spotting what would have been 5 or so days before a BFP would have shown up on a home pregnancy test. It was pinkish spotting with a small amount of actual blood and on my knickers and when I wiped. Only for a day or so - just enough for me to think af was on the way.

    When ttc my son Liam, my cycles were largely sorted out. I found out that I had a largish follicle in my uterus when pregnant with DD and it seems to alter my cycle every other cycle and gave me mid cycle spotting. It was on the cycle that wasn't originating from that ovary side that I got pregnant. Once again, spotting (only a really small amount) 5 days before BFP on hpt. I suspected I was pregnant this time round as I was feeling rather dizzy and slightly nauseous.

    Now pregnant with #3 8-[ and not actively ttc (!!) I had the same mid cycle spotting one month, then none the next month (when we conceived). I had a very small amount of spotting (pinkish) for a day and was sure af was on the way. Got the dizzy feelings again and nausea and sure enough, much to DH's chagrin, BFP.

    So, in a long winded, round about manner, yes, I had spotting around 9dpo, it was pinkish/slightly blood stained, lasted a day or so and was only really noticeable on wiping (however a small bit of evidence on knickers). Also had all the signs that af was coming (cramping and crabbiness!!) I would test atleast 7 - 10 days after any evidence of implantation bleeding.

    Hope this helps - best of luck to you!!


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    Jan 2005
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    Thanks for your response, Kelli!

    My first cycle after coming off the pill was 37 days so it's hard to know where I'm at now (I was a strict 28-dayer before going on the pill). I believe I o'd on 24.02.05. Earlier today (7DPO), I had some very slight spotting when I wiped but have had no other obvious symptoms.

    It could all just be a figment of my imagination, too!!

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    Hi Charley girl

    I didn't have implantation bleed for my pg's so I can't help you with that, but a only 7 DPO it look like a sign so I'm sending you dust:

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    Hi CharleyGirl,

    My experiences with implantations are:

    1st pregnancy: none at all
    2nd pregnancy: very noticable pinky brown cervial mucus for one fay only on 10 DPO, only when I wiped. I tested at 13 DPO and got a ++HPT
    3rd Pregnancy: none at all

    So I guess it really varies not only from woman to woman but also from pregnancy to pregnancy!

    Good luck...........