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Thread: Implantation bleeding?

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    Default Implantation bleeding?

    I hope this isn't TMI. I'm at the time where I'm expecting AF and I noticed some goopy looking stuff after I wiped today. There wasn't a lot, but part of it is clear and part of it was brown/pink. Do you think that could be implantation bleeding, or is it just wishful thinking?

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    Unfortunately it looks like wishful thinking and AF is here.

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    I am actually wondering if I might have some implantation bleeding.
    If everything has gone as 'normal' I would have been ovulating around 8th of this month. I heave heard that if you are going to get implantation bleeding it will happen around 6 days after ovulation. Which is what today would be. I was wondering if it might be an early period, but it doesn't feel like one at all, I usually get quite strong period symptoms. I am hoping for implantation bleed [-o< , but I guess only time will tell.
    How much blood should you expect from an implantation bleed. I have heard soo many different things, I am quite confused.:smt102
    Can any one shed any light?
    Cheers B-J

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Agh, curse that blasted witch Naru - Let's just hope next month is your month.

    B-J I believe that implantation happens between 7 & 10 DPO but everyone varies of coarse, it wouldn't be unusual for it to happen at 6DPO (I think). As for how much bleeding, I think it is just some light spotting but maybe one of the other ladies could help you out futher.

    Which brings me to my question about implantation bleeding....... today for the first time ever I noticed after wiping that I had a brownish colour CM, it is usually just white in colour during the luteral phase. Considering I am 10DPO my fingers are crossed but unfortunatley I have no other symptoms. What do you ladies think??? Could it be??? Also I had a temp rise this morning to 36.83 (doesn't it drastically drop at the time of implantation), so maybe the CM is not the sign I'm looking for. I will include me chart as well for you to have a gander at!



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    I have read that an implantation bleed occurs somewhere 7dpo - 10dpo.
    I'd be interested to read how much bleeding occurs to - I've been spotting for 4 days now and AF wouldn't normally be due for another week and a half....

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    I had more brownish CM today and another high temp this morning which is really unusual because it is usually below the cover line today as I have a 12 day leuteral phase. No sign of AF yet! I have had a sickly lump in my throat for a couple of days which I though maybe could be a pg sign (although I said I wouldn't look for signs this month).

    My chart is attached to my earlier post, could you please let me know what you think.

    Thanks [-o<

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've been getting BFN's

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    I had my implantation spotting right when AF was due. I thought it was AF starting but it just didn't

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    I had what I thought was a period 3 weeks ago, however it was much lighter. I usually go for 7 days quite heavy, this was only 4 days that was very light compared to normal.
    I am wondering if this could have been an implantation bleed also, I've had very slight symptons, feeling a little off colour in the morning, not sleeping very well (I usually fall asleep very easy!) and needing to burp all the time.
    Can someone shed some light on how much bleeding occurs with an implantation bleed, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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