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Thread: implantation bleeding?

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    Default implantation bleeding?

    Hi everyone,
    I have written already in ttw topic but wanted to start a new one about implantation bleeding.
    Just as I had convinced myself that I had no pregnancy symptoms this month then today I noticed some slight bleeding when I went to toilet.
    I am approx. 10/11 DPO.
    Does anyone have any info. on this subject like how long it lasts, how much to expect etc.
    I don't want to get my hopes up but I have never had this before except of course when its time for AF but that is not due for another few days yet.
    Any advice would help, I also have no PMS symptoms which I usually get at least a week before AF.
    Mind you at the moment I feel quite yuck in the tummy like just before you're going to get AF so am a little confused. (whats new)

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    hi DJTTC i know what your going through last month i was 7 days late something i never am...this month AF came 3 days early but it isn't very heavy kind of like day 3 of my 4 day cycle....don't know if this is implantation or just my mind being

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    Hi DJTTC

    I had implantation bleeding for 3 days from day 9 to 11 past ovulation. It was bright red and only when i wiped (sorry for TMI)nothing really on panties, at the time i thought i was getting AF early. I didnt have any other AF symptoms that I usually get like sore boobs and or cramps. The bleeding stopped on Thursday night, so i did a test this morning and it was positive. I have had slight heart burn for most of the week and now have a tingling feeling in the lower stomach. And yeh had a metalic taste in my mouth - which i thought was weird.

    It sounds very promising, Fingers crossed for you !!!!

    Wishing you heaps of luck..

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