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Thread: Implantation pain

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    Question Implantation pain

    Can i ask a question to you experienced mums, lol. Do you actually get a implantation pain and if so what does it feel like and how long after sex does it occur.


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    I didnt have any pain but had spotting for a day 7DPO.


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    I'm not an "experienced mum" but just thought I'd put my thoughts in. I didnt have any spotting at all, but I really painful cramps and I had to curl up in a ball on the floor in pain, about 2 or 3 days before I would have got AF, so that would have been about 7 - 10 days after O.

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    Fire Fly Guest


    Well im not sure whats happening because im still BF DS so AF hasnt returned yet. But ive noticed a change in CM which indicates i have ovulated?. I dont really remember with the other two kids if i got a pain or not but i never got spotting either.

    We have been unprotected the past month so who knows. Ive noticed cramping over the last couple of days which is a bit odd and a very sharp pain which made me stop. Thats why im asking.

    Thanks though, all info helps
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    I have been having some niggling pains lately too. kind of at sides but about level with top of pubic line.. weird. Sometimes I think it is wind. . but I usually get some pain during o'lation.

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