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Thread: Implantation Pain - ? (location q!)

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    Default Implantation Pain - ? (location q!)

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows where you should feel implantation pain? I had the strangest sharp pains today 3 times so far lasting about 10 seconds in the middle about 2-3 inches above my belly button -so quite high up. Any ideas if that could be implantation pain or not? AF due tomorrowish and I never normally get this type of pain before AF....

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    Hey Roquen,
    I have been told that it can be a sign of implantation, however on the down side, I experienced that pain last cycle the day before I got AF...
    I guess its 50/50. Do you temp at all? That may help with identifying whats happening?

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    The pains I had during implantation were really strong and painful cramping, but slightly different to period cramps and a lot stronger. At the time I thought I was O'ing late because they were similar to O pains, but a heck of a lot stronger and with Kat, I asked my hens for panadol, and with Jess, I ended up begging my mum for something stronger than panadol as it was that bad. Ended up taking panadine forte, which eased the pains a lot. Next morning I was back to normal with both girls and I didn't even think about being pg (well with jess, I said to DH last time I had the pains was when I fell with Kat, he told me I was being silly. But turns out I was right). I often get sharp stabbing pains, But it different with everyone. Some people don't get ov pains or period pains, I've always had bad both so I guess it was natural I'd get bad implantation pains. Funny thing is, I can't remember getting the implantation pains with my 3 m/c's during my late teens. Maybe I did, but never put it together and so forgot about it?

    Goodluck, I hope it is a little blasty implanting for you!

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    what i had was very similar to period pain and i had a temp drop that morning with the pains in the avo

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    Thanks for the replies so far!

    Its definitely different to period pain for me - I get v bad PP and its always very low down and crampy - where as this is very high up and sharp. It has settled a bit now but I just checked and have some very slight pink/red spotting.. no idea if its AF or something good :-)

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    Thumbs up Implantation pain

    Hi, I also had very strong implantation pain on day 27 of my first cycle. I had very bad lower back pain and severe abdominal cramping. It was the strangest feeling, not like period pain or anything else that I have experienced before. I also asked for some pain killers and was not sure what the pain was from. I thought I might have had a really bad urinary tract infection or ectopic pregnancy. I had to lay down, could not sit or walk around. I eventually took some panadol and fell asleep. The next day it was all gone. I did a pregnancy test and it was positive. I guess that means that it was implantation pain. It really confused me because I did not have it at all with my first pregnancy. Thank you so much for your posts. Its really reassuring to hear that other people have felt the same thing. ox

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    I never had pg confirmed as it was a chemical and AF arrived on time, but I experienced implantation pain as sharp piercing pain really low down and on the left. There was other cramping and low back pain for a few days after as well, but this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Very local pain inside the bikini line ifykwim. After the initial piercing, I got a tugging sensation in the same area until AF came (also quite painful and heavy).

    Anyone else experience something like this?

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    Spiceoflife - I had that same pain with my mc early this month. I had really bad O pain - from the area's around both ovaries (I'm guessing I O'd twice at this point), I couldn't walk, couldn't sleep, and had to take really strong painkillers and a heat pack just made it worse.
    I then had stinging pain on the left side of my lower abdo (about 2 inches below and slightly to the left of my bellybutton) the day I went in to get a bHCG done at 11dpo, along with a temp drop, which 4 days later came back negative (the same day I had a positive HPT with 2ndMU) AF was 1 day late by this stage.
    When AF was 3 days late I did another HPT in the evening, and it came up with a faint positive too. I had severe lower back pain that night and when I woke up the next morning (sorry TMI) I was bleeding with lots of black clots (day 1), had an extremely heavy flow for the next 2 days (days 2 & 3) with heaps more black clots, then one day of light flow with a few black clots which ended with spotting (day 4), then a bit of pink on the TP the next morning and nothing after that.
    Took a week for my HCG levels to get down to 27, and another half week to be back down to zero.
    You're not alone darl.
    I also had a chem back in early January as well.
    I hope that helps

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    Hi Jenna

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sorry for your losses.

    I found that I got twinges in exactly the same site as what I can only think was implantation in my next cycle after the chem pg. I wonder if not all of it cleared? This last cycle was more normal for AF pain but more clotting?? I don't know what's going on.

    Wishing you the best for a BFP when you're ready to try again.

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