Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to get a few opinions and hear some of your experience when it comes to implantation bleeding/spotting.

I'm 10dpo today and since 8dpo I've had very slight 'specks' of blood in my cm. Sorry for TMI. It was more obvious today, but I've only seen it once during the course of the day. Also, my bbs were a little bit tender, but today feel really sore. It's like a stinging/hot pain which comes and goes at random. I switched to a soft wire-free bra but they feel sorer if that's even possible.

I was wondering how many of you have had spotting at this point in your cycle and turned out to be pg. A bit of extra info: I never spot, only occasionally having a bit of pink cm the day before/of the start of af. Right now I'm 4 days from af being due.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.