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Thread: implantation vs AF

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    Default Implantation or AF?

    Hi ladies. Ok So AF is due on 22 feb, and im pretty sure i o'ed on 8/9 feb and we bd'ed on 6th and 8th. But for the last couple of days i have had a brown sort of cm that has kind of like stringy bits (sorry tmi) through it. It started off just a couple of spots, and has now gotten a little bit more, maybe about the size of a 5 cent piece or not quite that big. Af has never been this early before. So im wondering if any of you had had this before and whether it was part of implantation or AF just decided to come early for once, lol. Thanks guys


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    Cant help sorry. AF never come early for me... and i never had brownish CM with either of my implantations.

    Hopefully it might mean a PG!

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    i have heard of ppl having brown implantation fingers crossed

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    Thanks ladies. I still have it a bit, but not quite as much, just a very tiny amount. Fingers crossed


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    Hmm i still have the brown cm. Its still the same colour and ive had it now for about a week. Its quite strange, lol


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    have u done HPT??

    i think u should!!!

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    It sounds promising
    I had implantation spotting on 7 and 8 dpo and it was pretty much as you described. Only lasted for two days and a tiny amount of brown spotting. I got a faint bfp at 11dpo.
    Good luck

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    no i havent done a hpt yet. Hubby is a firm believer in waiting until i am late or at least on the day i am due. And he also likes to do hpts as a family, so when both him and i are here, and also our 5 year old daughter Which means i wont get a chance to do one until sat morn, because miss 5 is at school, and hubby works night shifts, so the next time we are all together is sdat morn ohh the waiting game. I really hope this time it will be positive


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    My fingers are crossed for you!!

    Thast so sweet u do it as a family.

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    thanks kimbaz yeah i thought it was nice for hubby to say that we should do it as a family. We are just trying to include our daughter right from the beginning so that she doesnt feel left at all

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    Ok still have the brown cm but have also noticed more white cm. I dont know if this is usually there at this time of month, or if im just making things up to make myself pregnant, lol. Damn i hate these made up-in-my-head symptoms, lol


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    Question implantation vs AF


    I feel silly even considering this, but my temps have been so consistently high the past few days it has got me thinking...

    I know implantation bleeding should just be a little spotting, but is it possible that it could be similar to AF? My last AF was 1-2 days shorter than usual and never reached 'heavy', but it was still a consistent red flow. I used tampons changed 6hourly during the days and a pad for 2 nights. This sounds like AF, doesn't it? The strange thing was that I had really really light spotting for 4 days before AF arrived. I've never had spotting like that before. Usually i just get a little spotting the day after AF has gone.

    I don't have any pregnancy symptoms (and i can usually come up with something!!), and other than my wacky high temps I'd have no reason to suspect pregnancy. My last CD24 BT came back as ovulated "well" according to FS.

    Any ideas??

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    Default great

    Hi Lg,
    I was reading your post thinking, well that sound positive and it is, I see you need no reply as you are preggers. Congrats!

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