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Thread: irregular periods... was it implantation pain?

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    Default irregular periods... was it implantation pain?

    hey everyone... well heres the things i have irregular periods so i dont always know when ovulation is... my last period started 4/8/06 and have been trying about every 2 days... from about the 13th - 16th had sore boobs. on the 21/08/06 slight cramping started (i never have period cramping so it was quite strange) then 22/08/06 a sharp stabbing pain in my lower abdoman on one side over came me and lasted about 10 seconds it litrally made me double over. then slight cramping that and the next days. now slightly tender breasts??? what do you think??? xo nikki ox *#*#*BABY DUST*#*#*

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    Hi Nikki11
    The pain could have been ovulation pain - this seems to be a quite common occurence. Not sure about implantation pain as you would potentially only be on CD18 - which I think is more likely to be ovulation.

    The best thing you can do is check your Cervical Mucus - if it is EWCM or sticky then this indicates you were fertile around that time which would indicate ovulation again.

    Basically it is difficult to say without you charting (temps or CM) - however wait another week and do a HPT and see. Hope you get your BFP real soon. I have irregular cycles and have found that charting has made what my body is doing a lot clearer.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Nikki, i to have had that sharp pain lately. I wouldnt say its an ovulation pain for me because that is more like ependix pain that hurts to sit down. Ive got slight cramping to so who knows. AF hasnt returned for me as yet so i dont even now if ive ovulated yet or not. Ive definately had change with CM though so soon see i suppose.

    Good luck for you though, hope you get your wish.

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    thanks for the replies due in a couple of days wish me luck

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    Sending u HEAPS of - let us know how u go

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