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    Default Is this it?!

    I can really use some advice or maybe just someone who could relate? Here's my story as short as I could possibly make it:

    Febuary 2008 - bled on the 28th on into march even after already having my period that was due in Febuary earlier that month.

    March 2008 ? Irregular bleeding. + hpt on the 11th. On the 12th I had a doctors appointment where they determined that I wasn?t pregnant. False positive? Miscarriage? This HAS happened before where later I found out that I WAS pregnant.

    April 2008 ? tested & tested again.. and sure enough. Still negative.

    May 2008 ? On the 12th -15th I had my period. It was unusually short & light... more like spotting & there was a pink tinge at one point. I bled the 12th & then again on the 14th. Implantation bleeding or period? On the 26th for that one day only I bled. The flow wasn?t anything out of the ordinary. It seemed normal; no clotting.

    June 2008 ? my period was due on the 9th and still no sign that I?ll be starting any time soon. I?ve taken 4 tests. One of which came up positive on the 13th but very faint and I?m not all too sure I checked it within the time limit. Possible evaporation line?? I?ve heard those weren?t pink or blue though but a gray or brown color. The other test I took just yesterday came up negative. When is the earliest you?ve been able to get a positive result?? I?m not having any luck. I haven?t had any bleeding and no discharge to assume that I?ve had an early loss.

    Listed below are a few possible symptoms:

    Extreme Mood Swings (a little over 5 weeks ago)
    Sore/Swollen breasts & highly sensative nipples(about 4 weeks ago)
    Constipation (about 4 or 5 weeks ago)
    Nausia (started 3 weeks ago - present)
    Missed Period (was due the 9th of June)
    Darkening of nipples (recently)
    Urinating a lot (maybe for about 2 weeks now)
    Horrible Gas (for the past 2 weeks)
    Increased bowel movements (past week)
    Somewhat Diarrhea (past week)
    Increased hunger (past week)

    So, what do you think ladies? Is it a pregnancy or false hope?? Have any of you experienced something similar to this???
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    I suggest you get a BT. That will answer your question.

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    I forgot to mention that I was calling the doctor in the morning to schedule an appointment for a BT. I'm excited to find out the results. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get the results for a blood test? 1-2 weeks?

    Thanks for the reply Batcoat! It's highly appreciated. I came to the conclusion that I should get one done. Days of confusion and testing have taken a toll. Instead of hoping that one result is right.. I'm ready for some real answers.

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    You can get your blood test results the same day if they mark it urgent.
    Most of the time you can get the results the next day.
    Good Luck, hope you get the answer you want
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    Good luck. Sounds promising!

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