thread: it's all a bit new to me...

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    Apr 2009

    it's all a bit new to me...

    Hello. I'm new to all of this and quite frankly have been living in a bit of denial about my DP and having a baby. It wasn't until my GP pointed out that we have been trying for more than 12 months that more may need to be done. So I'm doing all my homework. I feel overwhelmed by the acronyms, the decisions to make etc etc.. I've been looking into clomid, ivf, icsi vitamins, naturopaths, acupunture, clinics etc. I think I've found an FS I like and is v. professional. She is open to natural / comp medicines as long as I keep her up to date. All the bloods are being done now. I am quite overwhelmed by the fact I may be a hormonal wreck through this process. I want to also be looked after by someone who specialises in fertility - like naturopath / acupuncture. I do take vitamins - but I do it out of my own research and talking to health food stores. I think with this, I'm going to need some more specialised advice.

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    Nov 2008

    Hi Bernadette,
    I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and that there is a lot of support on this website to help you through things.

    Firstly there is a TTC 12+ months forum, where you can go to get support from other women who have been trying to concieve for over a year. I am sure that there are lots of ladies on there that can help you with questions that you have as you are going through your journey.

    I also wanted to let you know that while I have not been tyring for as long as you (just over 11 months), there are times when I feel that there is nothing working right in my body. I have seen a fertility specialist and he doesn't think that I am ovulating. I have been having blood tests and am going next month for exploratory surgery. He's going to be doing a laparoscopy, histeroscopy and endometiral biopsy (as well as not ovulating he also thinks there is a chance that I have very mild endometriosis). He is also getting my husbands swimmers checked. On top of that I have been seeing an acupunturist who also is trained in traditional chinese medicine. I don't actually know if any of it is working, but it makes me feel a bit better becasue something is being done as opposed to just sitting around doing nothing.

    As for vitamins, there are heaps of them out on the market, and I would just reccommend finding one which is specific to TTC and the first trimester of pregnancy, as you need to take a higher level of folate during your first trimester then during the rest of your pregnancy, and it is recommended that you start taking this higher dose (off the top of my head I think it is about 400 or 500 mg, but I wouldn't quote me on that) when ttc to ensure that you have enough right from the moment you concieve.

    Hope I've helped some. Just wanted you to know that you're not alone.