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    Today was the day

    IUD removed I felt a bit funny now that the decision has been made did anyone else feel like this when they made the decision to start trying (really hate that word trying) any better suggestions?

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    I have never had one, but will probably get one soon as we willnot be having any more kids, so cant really answer your question! lol
    I just wanted to say congratulations! And I hope you arent 'trying' for long!!
    (As for the phrase, my pet hate is 'falling pregnant' - i didnt fall anywhere thanks! lol)
    Anyway, good luck

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    paradise lost Guest


    I'm gonna keep my eye on you lady!

    I have a Mirena (was yours a Mirena or a copper?) and DP and i have decided that i'll get it taken out once we've been in our (as yet unbought) house for 4-6 months. We're not going to "try". We talked about "trying" and he said a) that's not a decision he's comfortable with (having watched friends going through the stress of it all, even when there was nothing "wrong") and b) the inevitable fears of "what are we doing having a baby!?" and "what if something's wrong?" will interfere. So i told him "how about i get it taken out when we've been living together a few months, providing we're in an ok position for a bub, and we'll just see what happens?" and he said he liked the sound of that.

    I told my dad this and he was like "uh-oh! doesn't he WANT to make the "decision"!?" and i was like "Dad, he's asked his brother for his niece's old cot-bed! We're a YEAR out from me having the Mirena removed at this point - that seems keen enough to me! LOL.

    Anyway, i'm curious to see how long it takes to get back to normal and so on, so i'll be keeping a beady one fixed in your direction :P Best of luck hun.


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    It kind be kinda of scary, i went off the pill and it was like a big truck had hit me that i was brave enough to want a 2nd child...or is that crazy?

    We r in a good postion and hopfully we will move into a bigger place end of the it works out well

    good luck

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    mine was a copper as Mirena is harder to insert when you have not going through the birthing process. I had a c-section with my first child.

    No problems so hard not even spot bleeding that I was warned could happen, but its only been a few days

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