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    I dont know if this is the place to post this. But I had an IUD put in place in March and its a 3 year IUD, it has caused me tremendous pain, I have had strep B infections and my periods are awfully heavy.

    I want to TTC another baby in the next 12 months, but I dont want to go on another birth control, not only that, I dont want to fall pregnant too soon.

    Im in a muddle. I also dont know how long it can take to TTC after an IUD removal. Anyone had any experience in this area?

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    Depending upon the type of IUD, I believe that you would be fertile immediately upon removal because it doesn't alter your hormones at all, the principal is that it stops implantation (so technically and theoretically, each AF you have could well be an early m/c which is pretty dreadful to consider).

    Mirena and similar IUD's are slightly different because they do release hormones that alter your cycles.

    If the IUD really isn't suitable then I'd be looking at a non hormonally based contraceptive, ie condoms. Or even investigating charting to prevent pregnancy as against charting to conceive. This way, you'd also have a head start on ttc because you'd already be experienced with your cycles.


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