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Thread: ive just gone off implanon.. how long ....

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    amorsiempre Guest

    Lightbulb ive just gone off implanon.. how long ....

    hey there everyone. i just wanna kow if someone has been in the same situation as me because its really starting to becaome frustrating.

    i had my imlanon(the rod under your skin for controception) taken out 2 days ago and i still havent had my period. whats more i havent ovulated. i have that maybe baby ovulation thing so i i even know when im transitioning... but still nothing.

    i dont wanna go to my dr cos i know she'll say jus give it time... but has anyone else taken implanon out... can you tell me how long it took to get back to normal.

    i guess im a bit concerned because they say you are fertile 11 hours frm when you take it out. if thats the case then i should of ovulated by now right?

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    Hello and welcome to BB.

    Firstly - unfortunately you will have to give it time for your body to adjust to not having hormones pumped through your body. You may also not ovulate until the first cycle after your first period.

    When I had mine taken out, I think it took 2 weeks for my period to come and then after that, it took 5months to concieve, unfortunately we lost that little one.

    We have no stopped all together as it was taking a huge toll on us and it was nearing 1 year of trying.

    But there are a lot of girls out there, who have had it removed and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy soon after.

    Hang in there and goodluck.

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    Yeah u might just need to give it a couple of weeks. I also use the maybe baby but find that charting by takin my temp and observing CM is more accurate and gives me more info regarding ovulation and when to expect AF. I wish u the best of luck with it all. U'll get heaps of advice off the bb members

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    Hi - I had one in for just over two years and it took us 11 months to conceive our second baby ! I had no period for the first three months.

    I had trouble with my cycles when it was in.

    Good Luck.

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    Hi & Welcome to BB!

    I am currently pregnant after having my implanon removed, so here's my experience...

    I had the implant(s) for 5yrs and I was one of those people who had no periods during that time, so perhaps the hormones may have been a bit strong for my body.
    I had my first AF 31days after having it removed and my cycles were eratic after that. 31, 49, 21, 24, 37ish etc. I think I only ovulated once prior to the successful cycle. It took us nearly 6months to concieve.

    Unfortunately for us it did take some time, but Im certain that my temping combined with checking my CM helped me identfy when I was ovulating! It was soo important to know when I was ovulating so we could catch that eggie

    That said, I believe you can get pg straight away (that is, in the first cycle) my guess is that it would just depend on how the hormones from the implanon affected your body.
    So my only advice is do what ever you can to identify when you are Oing and go for it!!
    Good luck!!

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