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    Hi I am only new here and new to the whole IVF thing. I am married and have 3 wonderful sons ages 11yrs, 10yrs and 8yrs (this month). After my 3rd son I had my tubes clamped, I regreted it the moment I did it, but it was done. Well last year I had my tubes reversed only it was unsuccessful, both tubes remain blocked.
    Hubby and I are looking into IVF, I have no idea which clinc to use or anything ( I am in Aspley Brisbane Qld).
    So exactly what procedures would I need if I went through IVF, being it isn't an infertility issue it is the plumping that isn't working. What upfront costs would hubby and I be expected to pay out. I do have full Private Hospital 100% with no excess + Top extras cover ( not sure if makes much differnce in the pricing or not).

    Any info on clincs, prices at differnent clincs and what kind of procedures would be involved.
    I have no idea what so ever about IVF or any of this, so all the info you can give me would be sooooooooooo wonderful.

    Thankyou everyone and I look forward to getting to know everyone.
    I wish everyone a BFP


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    Ok then I take it nobody is able to help me.

    Thankyou anyways

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    Bek, you may want to look around the long term TTC and assisted conception forums, that's where the IVF people tend to hang out.

    I can't offer any information in terms of costs, doctors and clinics as I am in Sydney and all clinics in all places are different. I would suggest that you read through the doctor profiles (most clinics have a website with that information) and see if you can find one who looks like they may suit you.

    As for the process, it's pretty much the same regardless of your reasons for doing IVF. You will usually need to go through a process that allows your clinic to take control of your hormones, then start a series of injections to grow follicles in your ovaries. Other medications are usually used in order to prevent sponteneous ovulation from occurring too soon. When your follicles appear ripe enough, you will go through egg collection. This will be done either under sedation or under a full anaesthetic (mine have been under full anaesthetic so I can't contribute much on the actual process). After the eggs have been collected, they will be combined with your husbands sperm and allowed to fertilise. In some situations they may decided that they need to hand pick the sperm and inject each egg individually, but this is mainly used in cases of male factor infertility or if there are only small numbers of eggs retrieved. The embryos will then be grown in the laboratory until they reach an appropriate stage (usually day 3 or day 5) when one or two will be transferred back to the uterus and any remaining embryos that are suitable will be frozen.

    During this time you will be using some form of luteal phase support (usually in the form of crinone gel or pessaries inserted into the vagina, but some times it may be a series of injections). This continues up until your final blood test to determine whether the cycle has worked. Some clinics may then continue the progesterone support until 12 or 13 weeks, but I was able to stop at 4 weeks.

    There will be some differences as each clinic has different ways of doing things, but that's the basic way that an IVF cycle will run. If you transfer frozen embryos, things are usually much simpler and easier, but it's best to leave that until you find that it's actually necessary.

    I hope all of this helps, and good luck!


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    Bek this is a journey sweet I am in Wavell Heights so not far if you want a coffee sometime

    Information on my journey can be found in my blog the link is in my signature

    We go to City IVF and see Dr Das and he is so wonderful I would reccomend him to anyone

    Sending you some and hope your journey comes to a happy ending soon

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    Thankyou both very much.

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