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    Hello, this is my first time on here and let me just say I am in love with this site. Before coming across it, I was hoping from website to website trying to source information but never got what I wanted but now I am in a world of other ladies who have the same problems and questions as me and it is just amasing how everyone works together and helps eachother out and never puts anyone down which is so lovely. I have been reading posts for some time now but as I am certainly in the TTC catergory I am excited to join the rest of you. Thank you!

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    Smile hi

    Hi eurogirl, welcome!
    I am fairly new too & I am navigating my way around still. It's a great resource for all the little questions that pop up and so much support. Hope you move to pregnant section soon! sassba

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    Welcome to BB... i hope to see a BFP for u soon

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    Smile welcome

    Hi im new to this site aswell i joined last week. I also have found everyone to be most supportive and very friendly. Responces to my questions have either been instant, or the same day... I agree a great website..
    Good luck with TTC wish you all the luck in the world, as im sure evryone does here for eachother.
    From georgette

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    Welcome to all three of you

    Why don't you come across to our TTC Buddies groups to discuss your journies with us. Also we have a brand new section for journals

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