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    Question Lack of immunity to measels mumps rubella.......

    Hi All,

    I have had two or three measel mumps rubella shots over the past five years or so in preparation for possible conception. Mid last year I had blood test for iron and hormone levels and my immunity for mmr was very low.
    My Doctor now says not to bother anymore as they just don't last for me. Each time you have the shot you have to wait before conceiving too.
    It means I have to be extra careful when I do conceive not to come in contact with sick people I suppose?

    Does any one else have this issue? Is it just me?


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    I didnt have this issue as I had my shot 10 years ago and my immunity is still ok.
    Its a bit tricky to stay away from people who are contagious because I think the measles/rubella rash appears after the time that it is contagious... i dont even know what mumps is though.

    If it was me, I think I would just try to be careful around people who might be more suseptible to those diseases like children, and stay away from people who have been near people who have recently had measles because they could be contagious with it..

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