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Thread: long period and poor sperm count

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    fate Guest

    Unhappy long period and poor sperm count

    Dear all,
    I have been ttc for more than 6mth now. my cycles have been very irregular ranging for 30-45dys and have been frustrated with ovalution prediction and stuff. A week ago, my hubby decided to undergo the semen analysis and here are the result ....

    Volume: 1.5 (normal >=2-6ml)
    Progression: a/b/c
    Morphology, Ovals: 4% (normal >=15%)
    Motile sperm: 2.46M

    We were devastated. My hubby wears boxers, does not consume alcohol, and moderated hot baths. I want to help but I'm at a lost. Should I consider IVF at this point or do I have any options?
    Does anyone have any advice....any pointer is much appreciated.


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    sorry to hear u are going through a tough time.

    The only advice i can offer is FS and OB/GYN's dont usually see the need for fertility treatments until a couple has been TTC for atleast 12 months....

    I hope someone can pop in here and tell u more

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    slyder Guest


    Your best bet is an appointment with a fertility specialist. Male fertility issues (where sperm is present but not in the ideal form) are basically untreatable, generally speaking. IUI or IVF are good ways to get around this - possibly - but again you need to discuss this with an FS.

    I'd like to offer more advice regarding the stats you gave, but they aren't in a format which I recognise. The volume is just outside the normal range, and I assume from your morph. statistic that he has 4% normal forms, which isn't too bad believe it or not. Men produce far more abnormal than normal sperm. The motility numbers you have given need to be in percentages and I'm not sure what the 'a/b/c' this is you've quoted - I realise it's a motility index but which level is he?

    Teratozoopermia means sperm which are abnormally shaped.

    For now, make the appointment to discuss your options. you'll need a referral from your GP. Good luck
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    fate Guest

    Default It's positive.

    Dear Hollye & slyder,
    Thank you for your advices.
    Despite your advice, we decided to try out TCM instead of FS for the time being.
    I've tried the pregnancy kit this morning and the result shown positive.
    I'm going to visit a gynae on Monday. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the baby is healthy and a smooth delivery.

    I'm so thrilled. Thank you for all the well-wishing.


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