Hi everyone,

Great forums ... I've spent an enjoyable evening browsing lots of posts to reassure myself that I'm not alone in the thrills & spills of TTC.

AF arrived today so feeling a little ! We have been seriously trying for 4 cycles, charting BBT, CM, OPK and have hit the mark with well timed BD on cycle on all except cycle #2. I've discovered FF website and love it!

I reckon I have a really weird pair of ovaries ... I'm beginning to see an alternating pattern of long cycle (ovulation ~CD27, cycle length 38-41 days) then short cycle (ovulation ~CD17, cycle length 30 days). Sure makes predicting ovulation interesting! Has anyone heard of this before?? Do ovaries always take it in turns to ovulate or can it be random? Could I have one ovary that needs a bit more follicle stimulating hormone to convince it to give up the egg??

My DH thinks I'm overanalysing it but I'm curious & trying to understand the wonderful ways of Mother Nature.

I have a good feeling about this month as we conceived on cycle #5 when TTC with DD. I look forward to sharing the journey with the TTC buddies.