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    Does anyone know anything about the impact of luteal phase and follicles....I had a b/t which showed slightly lower progestrone levels (I think that meant only a few follicles on my egg) as well as having a short-ist luteal phase (sometimes between 8/9 days). At the time I was weaning my DD. Does anyone know what impact all this might mean for my chances of having another baby? Does Clomid come into it?

    Thanks Sasha

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    Sasha, your luteal phase needs to be long enough (12-16 days is optimum) for enough progesterone to build up to support the corpus luteum (basically the egg yolk that nourishes the growing embryo during the first trimester until the placenta takes over). If your LP is not long enough and progesterone too low then it can cause problems such as early m/c. If you have low progesterone and get pg, then doctors usually prescribe a progesterone supplement - I believe it's a pessary.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. People often find Vitex or even B6 help lengthen a luteal phase defect.

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    I had a short LP - 10-11 days but still managed to conceive 3 times last year. The two I had whilst on Vitex vacated my body within about a week of stopping taking it so I would not recommend it. I conceived this one without it and it's a sticker.

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