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    Hi Everyone

    Long term lurker 2nd time poster. Just want to start of by writing that everyone out there is a fabulous source of information and I love coming into belly belly to update my knowledge in regards to conceiving.

    Just looking for a little guidance. I am onto my second cycle after ceasing to take the ocp and am wandering if I may be a little all over the place. My first cycle (Start from the first day of bleeding - sorry TMI) lasted 28 days with light bleeding occuring on the day 29 and heavy bleeding starting 2 days after that. This cycle I used OPK's (Confirm) to check out when I was ovulating and the tests confirmed that day 21 or there abouts I was to ovulate (Is it unusual to ovulate so late in the cycle?)

    So in the time honoured tradition of trying to conceive we baby danced 4 days before and then again on the day we got the positive ovulation test. Going by my previous cycle I am due for AF today or tommorow and just for curiosity's sake I did a pregnancy test today which came up negative. I am thinking that if I O'd last sunday as according to the ovulation test it might be a little early to be able to hope for a positive pregnancy test. I have been having little twinges in my belly and a little bit of lower back pain but am guessing this could be my mind playing tricks on me.

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me?

    Thanks for letting me drone on


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    firstly welcome to BB - glad to hear you are finding it helpful.

    If you O'd last sunday that would make you only 7DPO (days post ovulation), and is unlikely that a pg test would pick up a positive result that early (not that it has never happened, but very unlikely). Most tests pick up at earliest about 10DPO. The pains you are feeling could be the onset of AF or could very well be implantation cramping (hoping for you it is the latter )

    So, it will most probably just have to be a little more waiting (yaye - the game for all those TTC to play!).....

    hang in there. I have my fingers crossed for you.

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    I agree with the other girls. It is way to early. I know that my FS gives me a BT 7 days after ovulation to check my hormone levels and then says to wait another 7 days before testing.

    Maybe try another HPT later on in the week.

    Fingers crossed that it is implantation pains and that you get your BFP very soon. Good Luck...

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