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    I have previously posted but not for some time although i do read the other posts quite regulary.

    Just a quick background, we have been TTC #2 for coming up to 12months unsuccessfully, since posting last i have been seeing a naturpoath who has given me a range of tablets to take as well as a herb and fertility mix. I have been on them for 4 months and no results, no change to my cycle whatsoever.

    I have also been seeing a Gyno who has ran all the necessary tests, blood tests to check ovualtion, sperm anaylsis, etc. They have shown that i am ovulating and the SA was in his terms "not too bad".
    I have been charting for 6months and using OPK's which both show O.

    I feel that all bases are being covered and so i know that i am def O. However, my LP since charting has been 10 days and once at 11 days long. I have read on here and other web sites that it isn't long enough to have a succcessful pregnancy, but my gyno seems to think it is fine.

    I am starting to feel like it is never going to happen for me again and i have been feeling really down about it, especially since we conceived our daughter on the first month of trying.

    Anyway, gyno suggested that i make an appt with IVF and consider IUI, as he thinks there is no reason to suggest i have blocked tubes or anything llike that and basically there isn't anything more he can do .....

    I am really just writing to ask for some advice in relation to my LP, if other girls have conceived with short LP's, etc. b/c i feel like we are doing everything right but with no results......

    Thank you

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    Oh Kbgirl i hope that someone can help you out!! all the best with it all..

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    As the zygote implants at about 7-10dpo, a luteal phase of 10 days or more is plenty of time in which to conceive. Mine were a bit wacky, either 11-13 days or 21-23 days, but that's usually less than the "demanded" 14 days - I never had a 28-day cycle either.

    I know that B456 has a short luteal phase and she's currently expecting her second child, so it is do-able.

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    Hi, After coming off the Pill my LP was 9-11 days. I started taking 100mg of B6 and I don't know how long my lp was because we fell pg on that cycle. I have heard a lot of people getting an increase of 1-2 days to 3-5 days. I'm assuming yr gyno did a post O progestrone test as this can be the other reason for short lp and problems carrying a pg. Hope you find some answers.

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    Good luck Kbgirl. Fingers crossed for you

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    When we were TTC Kynan I took B6 and my LP went from 10-11 days to 11-12 days. This time around I had a short LP of 9 days - I am breastfeeding, didn't take B6 but still got PG quite easily.

    All the best.

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