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    Hi everyone. I have been posting on the Endometriosis forum for a while. My wife has endometriosis and we have been TTC for the last 7 months since we got married in Feb this year.

    She had a laproscopy mid 05 and the endometriosis may be coming back. Long story cut short, not only do we want a baby, it's actually a medical necessity because if she can't get pregnant by early next year, the specialists will conduct ANOTHER laproscopy since not being able to conceive is a sign for them.

    Back to the topic of this discussion, TTC is getting a bit monotonous for us and leads to her not being able to produce natural lubrication. My question is, does lubricant (non spermicide) kill sperm?

    Thanks for your info in advance.

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    The only lubricant that I know of that you can use that is sperm friendly is pre-seed. You can buy it online at lullaby conceptions. All other lubricants have spermicide in them. Even saliva isn't very sperm friendly. Hope that helps.

    Celsie. xoxox

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    Also some time ago there were people that discussed using egg whites...??
    It apparently is sperm friendy!!!

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    Pre-seed is the only one ive heard off, if you google pre-seed you will find info about it as well as all the places its available in OZ.

    I have read about using egg white BUT have also heard it can lead to infections

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    When my DH had to do a semen analysis and donation for freezing (for IVF), we couldn't use ANY lubricant at all - we had to use a condom and "catch it" as he couldn't do the deed without lube himself. Even the condom was unlubricated and was not latex.

    But, for normal sex, I too understand that pre-seed is the only one touted as being sperm friendly.

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    DH and I had the same problem when we were TTC - we did buy one box of pre-seed (3 sachets) but it is hugely expensive, so we only used it when we were sure I was ovulating.
    We thought about using egg whites, but neither DH or I could stand the thought of using something that can out of a chicken

    PS - just moving this thread to General Conception, as you may get more responses there

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    If you want to know details of another website to buy Pre-seed from please PM me.

    One way to make it a little more affordable is to only use 1/2 a tube at a time, the manufacturer doesn't recommend it but I know many women who do it anyway. Just give the tube a good wipe with a tissue after use, then store the tube in a resealable plastic bag until ready to use again. I wouldn't leave an opened tube around for too long though.
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    Mmm interesting. Quick question, what about water based lubricants - do they still have spermicide in them?

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