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Thread: Luteal phase length

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    deedeeze Guest

    Default Luteal phase length

    I am new to this so please be a little gentle!

    So after coming off the BCP, AF showed up yesterday on CD62.

    Now I noticed signs of EWCM on days CD52 and a little on CD53.

    Does this mean my luteal phase is about 9-10 days? Is this too short?

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    As I understand it, "normal" is 10-19 days. 10 days is enough for implantation to occur and is usually enough for the little embryo to tuck itself in and start invading all your hormones, however I think longer is better from the medical POV (longer time to implant), but shorter is better from TWW POV (less time before you know AF is late). Are you just using EWCM to test ovulation? I have been but haven't seen any this month and am wondering whether I should start doing temps if AF arrives this month - think that doing both will be a bit more reliable.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Dee

    Yes you need a LP of at least 10 days as Ryn-frog has said.There are ways that this defect can be fixed as it is a common problem.

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    Janie Guest


    My LP was only about 10-11 days but as you can see from my ticker - it didn't matter as I fell pregnant after 5 months trying.

    Perhaps you should look into shorten the first half of your cycle. I don't know much about your history but have you considered Vitex (some of the other girls find it helps to shorten their cycle). Perhaps you could visit a natropath.

    Good luck deedeeze!

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    deedeeze Guest


    Thanks ladies!

    This is my first cycle off BCP so I am going to see for the next 2 to see if the same thing happens. Then I think that vitex may be on the cards.

    I read somewhere that the last day of EWCM is when you Ovulate, so I am assuming a luteal phase of 9 days. I am just pleased that through looking at this website I was able to recognize EWCM! Thanks for educating me!

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