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    My husband has started taking Zinc tablets in readiness for us TTC soon - I'm doing all these other things to get myself ready but is there anything else men should do??? He doesn't smoke and only really has a few social drinks on weekends and isn't over weight.

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    I've read that coffee is a sperm-booster, but I think that research was by some coffee-growing people so not sure how much to believe there. Still, I make DH have more coffee than before now! Also keeping cool down below is a must - no cycling and baggy boxers for your DH. Spermies have a 6-week shelf-life (in the chap) so any change can take up to 6 weeks to do anything, obviously happens sooner if the spermies are all used up before the 6-week period. The only other thing is getting him to go fishing stood in a very cold pond or to sit in a cold bath/take a cold shower, but can't see many chaps thinking a cold shower is condusive to TTC LOL.

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    The only thing my DH did was take centrium multivitamins.

    He was even cycling 200km a week when we conceived which apparently had no ill effects I have heard caffeine is bad for sperm production so who knows?

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