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Thread: Maybe Baby and OPKs

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    Default Maybe Baby and OPKs

    I've have been looking at these in Priceline for ages, trying to decide if its worth it or not... Can anyone who has one recommend it, or do you think I'd be better off just getting a whole bunch of OPK's instead?

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    Hi Karina,
    I started out using OPK's then I found out about Maybe Baby from a friend who had been trying to get PG for about 2yrs, first time she used it she got PG.
    This is my third cycle using it and I love it, I think it works out cheaper to use Maybe Baby, but if your worried about the cost I got mine brand new off Ebay for $50 including postage.
    Hope that helps

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I got my MB off ebay for 35bucks. Second hand, but I got pregnant first time using it (unfortunately ended up m/c)

    OPK's are good, but I found I had to test at least 3 times a day and it became costly.

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    I have one, but only used it twice. Now that I am pregnant I don't need it!!

    If you want to buy one 2nd hand, I am willing to sell mine for $50 (originally $80). Still in box, perfect condition.

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