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Thread: mid cycle nausea

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    Default mid cycle nausea

    I am now 7DPO, and have been nauseous since about 7 days before ovulation. It's starting to get me down, because everytime I eat I feel like I am going to gag. Does anyone else have this mid cycle nausea and know what causes it. It usually stops pretty much the day I ovulate(except for this cycle, for some reason)

    Any remedies

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    Gosh - I haven't heard of it. Perhaps its the shift in hormones? I used to get "morning sickness" as a teenager because I had screwy hormones. Perhaps the estrogen or whatever leading up to O is making you queasy? Not sure why it would continue this time after O tho.

    Sorry I'm no help. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi Clare.. I often get nauseas during my cycle.. It is mainly after ovulation, when my hormones are changing rapidly... Fortunatley mine only lasts for approx 2 days... sorry i can't be of any assistance.

    leis x

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