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Thread: Multiple Patches of EWCM

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    Question Multiple Patches of EWCM

    Hi Girls,

    Can anyone help me with this one.. This last month my cycle has been all over the place and my CM has been just as bad. Ive had days where my CM is the egg white and watery variety, followed by a day of creamy CM, then back to a partial day of watery cm and then a whole day of EWCM.. Is this normal ?? Can anyone explain why I would have mulitple patches of fertile CM ?

    I had 4 or so days of EWCM, followed by a temp dip then 1 day of a temp rise then back to low temps - Im thinking I may have not actually O'ed this cycle, even though my cm says i did ??


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    Default motto is - if in doubt, BD - whenever i get any sort of CM that is either EW, watery or creamy, we just go for it just in case. I'm like you and a bit all over the place too, so all i can say is go jump your man....HTH's..

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    Im with Shan on this one, I had the same last month, and everytime i saw it, i grabbed DH when i could!!!! Goodluck!

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    I think it can be quite normal for you cm to change a bit dring your cycle. I used to get EWCM then the next day creamy cm then back to EWCM the next day. As Shan has said if you have EWCM bd just in case you are about to O. Good luck.

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