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Thread: need advice on progesterone test

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    Default need advice on progesterone test

    Hi there,
    Just a question regarding progesterone blood tests.
    Dr told me to have it at 21 day or after I know I have O.
    Well today I came up with + OPK so will O within next 24-36 hours.
    Problem is I am going to sydney on Tuesday so the only chance for a blood test is tomorrow but will that be too soon, I am thinking it will be.
    Then I am not back till the following Saturday so then I will miss out altogether.
    What do you think?
    Also at the beginning of last week the lines on OPK were nearly as dark as the test line but then the rest of the week very light and then today definately + as it was the same as test line and came up nearly straight away, does this sound right.
    I thought you would only get nearly as dark the day before or the day after.
    Thanks, Jo
    Me -26
    Dh - 33
    TTC #1 June 2005

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    Sal Guest


    Hi there, well yes you can have lighter and darker days of the OPK before you get the big positive.

    Re the BT well you can have it done after you ovulate, your prog will stay up until just before AF shows up. So if you mean you'll be back this Saturday coming, then that will be fine to show whether you have o'd. Yes, having the BT tomorrow might be a bit early. But you could always ring your doc, explain the situation and have him/her advise you

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