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    Hi guys,
    Well the big O is about 5 days away now and I just need a little advice.
    I saw my doctor and she said to BD every two days between day 11 and 27 as I have irregular cycles which we have started to do.
    But last month I knew exactely when I was about to O because I had heaps of ewcm all day one day so we BD that day and the next.
    Here's my question if I have the same obvious signs of O this month should I BD both days or just keep going every two.
    What if the second day is not on the ewcm day?
    I am so confused but I just don't want to miss a chance of catching the eggie although BD last month both days and nothing.
    Have you guys guessed that I worry too much, LOL.
    What do you think?

    J - 26
    DH - 33
    TTC # 1 10 Months

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    I agree - go the every second day method - it's better to catch the egg than worry about sperm count too much - it only takes one little swimmer!

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    i didn't know that to much BD can decrease sperm potentency. If i think i'm o'ing we do it everyday and sometimes two times a day. I had the train of thought that just keep sending in fresh . Scared that when i finally O that there is going to be viable sperm. Paranoid, paranoid, paranoid.
    We're probably working against ourselves.
    Oh well we had heaps of fun.

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