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    Question need some help please

    HI there my names Krystal and i have a beautiful DD who is 4 and 1/2mths old.I have just stopped BF her in the last 2wks or so and in the last wk have noticed i have been getting signs of AF.DH and I DTD yesterday morn and i bleed afterwards was very watery and pail looking so not sure if this really was AF or not as I havent had any other bleeding since but plenty of other signs that i always used to get when AF was here or on her way.I used to get AF for about 5 days before i fell PG with DD.My question is does anyone know generally if your first AF after stopping BF is like normal in duration etc or is it normally shorter or different in anyway.I know everyone is different but has anyone had this experience.
    The reason I am so interested is that DH and I do want to start TTC for #2 as soon as we can so would like to think this is my body getting back on track again.

    Thank you in advance for your replies.


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    Hi Krystal,

    Like yourself I only stopped fully breastfeeding a couple of weeks ago. My DD was 11 months when I stopped and I had only been feeding her once a day for the past months and still no AF. I stopped feeding as I also wan to start TTC #2.

    I'm not sure I can help but my AF returned within days of finishing breastfeeding and lasted about 5 days (norm for me) but was SOOOOO painful and felt like pre labour pains all over again. I even had to take painkillers for 2 days so I could function normally (and I usually don't like to take drugs). I've heard of people who have had much lighter AF after baby and others that have gone back to normal in terms of cycles, pain, length etc.

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    I didn't get mine back til we were down to 3 feeds. Think that was bout 9 months.

    Before this there was 2-3 times where I got spotting for like a day or 2 thinking Af was returning but that was it.

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    thanks girls ill just have to wait and see if anything else happens in the next few days otherwise ill just have to keep waiting
    its so funny i never thought i would want AF to come as much as I do LOL how things change.


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