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Thread: Negative BT but still no AF should i test again???

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    Question Negative BT but still no AF should i test again???

    Hi everyone.

    I always have a 28 day cycle and i am now over a week late for AF. I had a few FAINT positives but only with pregnosis which arnt to reliable ive heard so i went for a blood test and it came back neg as it was under 10.

    Well AF still hasnt came so is there any chance i still could be pregnant or should i jst trust the BT and not waste my money on HPT.??


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    amber. I have heard some women don't get the numbers even with a blood test. If AF has'nt turned up in a few days go back to the Doc. If you are always reg there might be something else they can do.. MAybe even ask for a ultrasound to see if there is anything there. Best of luck..

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    Hi Amber

    I got a negative blood test at 9DPO but positive urine tests from 10DPO onwards. My blood test on 11 DPO then came up positive. I would test again with a different brand of HPT because it should definitely be coming up now nice and strong a week after AF due. If you stil dont have AF in a few days then maybe ask for another BT.

    Best of luck


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