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Thread: Negative Result but still PG?

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    Default Negative Result but still PG?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of or has had it happen. Negative tests but been pregnant? 2 cycles ago i was sure i was pregnant, sore BB, tired, off some food, and just feeling off colour, AF was 10 days over did 3 tests all negative. Then woke up one morning having bleed heavly over night which has never happen before and the blood was bright red.

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    That happened to me the cycle before this one; AF 10 days late, I was feeling sicky, sore breasts, off food, slight weight gain... just as I was about to do a test (the one cycle I didn't want to fall too, but the excitement was growing), AF arrived. Heavy, bright red, clotty... then this cycle was a short cycle (well, for me at least, which means under 5 weeks) but because of the screwed up 8-week cycle I'd had before, I didn't find out until I was 2m gone! This time I wrote off any symptom I had as "well, I ate late last night, probably why I'm feeling iffy", "Hey, I've put an inch on my chest... does this mean I finally get the good points of puberty?" "I'm so tired - probably because I've just done a de-tox and am off caffine." "Wow, that must have been a bad bottle of wine, I can't even finish one glass!". I just didn't want to get my hopes up at all.

    If it was 2 cycles ago and there's still no positive - because now you'd be in the second trimester and your hCG levels would be falling - then it sounds like you've had a "phantom pregnancy", where wanting to be pregnant gives you some symptoms.

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    Thanks Ryn, i was thinking that maybe that is the case my breast are big anyway but they feel fuller more firm and busty, i think that i want it so badly that each month i half talk myself into it. But i know that it will happen with time. How long did it take for you to fall?? Congrats on the BFP so your due in Feb? I have a close friend due in Feb and two wives of my partners friends that are also due plus have heard of a few others must be something in the air...


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    I was very lucky and my DH ditched the condoms the weekend AF was due with me last cycle (I even had all the cramping and PMS that weekend!), then I fell pg on the next cycle - something neither of us were expecting!

    It's probably worth asking your DH if he's felt any changes in your breasts - my husband notices them, but doesn't say anything to me, so I find out a week after he does that they've grown! LOL, I thought he'd been paying them more attention recently but it wasn't until I measured them at the weekend that I realised I'd gone up another inch. Since falling pg I don't check mine as often as I should - I'd usually do my usual "lump check" just after AF so since I have no AF I'm having no reminders.

    I agree there must be something around - in the last few months everyone I've met is either due a baby within a couple of weeks of me or has a family member who's due around then - even one of my work colleagues has a wife who is due the week before me! I know what they've been getting up to... unfortunately, they know what I've been getting up to as well. LOL, at least when you're TTC you can choose to keep something about your sex life a secret.

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